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Shaskeen 50th Anniversary

Thursday 15 October @ 8pm

Galway Sessions Postponed

Due to Ireland going into stage 3 of the lockdown we are going to have to postpone this years Galway Sessions...

The Galway Sessions 2020 due to take place last June had to be rescheduled due to Covid 19 restrictions. It will now take place from 12th to 17th of October.
The original lineup was to include bands from Scotland, Scandinavia, Ireland, France, Spain, Canada, USA, Mexico and Brazil with a view to exploring the interconnection between European folk music cultures along the Atlantic coast and also to explore the role played by them in the development and evolution of new music cultures in the New World.
This theme was in line with one of the major themes of Galway 2020, Migration, Making Waves, across the Atlantic.
Unfortunately, due to the current travel restrictions it is not possible for the overseas acts to attend. This situation however, allows us to showcase our population of very talented international musicians resident in Galway and to put together and exciting programme of events in keeping with the theme. [More Info]