Galway Choro Ensemble – 18 Dec @ 1pm

Date: Friday 18th December
Time: 1pm
Venue: The Kings Head
The final gig in the lunchtime series at the King’s Head on Friday 18th features the Galway Choro Ensemble. This multinational ensemble play ‘choro’ which is a vibrant Brazilian instrumental genre that evolved in the early 20th century and has Latin and African origins.
Choro meaningng ‘little cry’ originated in Rio de Janerio and resulted from a new style of playing several European music genres (polka, schottische, waltz, mazurka and habanera ) by carioca musicians who were strongly influenced by African rhythms principally lundu and batique. Despite its name the music often has a fast and happy rhythm. It is characterized by virtuosity, improvisation and subtle modulations and is full of syncopation and counterpoint. Choro is considered to be the first characteristically Brazilian genre of urban popular music.
Please Note We recommend minimum bookings of 4 and maximum bookings of 6/3 households per event.

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